The Silent Killer: How Condensation Shortens Battery Life and Threatens Your Enclosed Electronics

January 25, 2024

Imagine driving on a rainy day and your car windows start to fog up. You wipe the condensation away and everything seems fine. Imagine a similar scenario, but your valuable electronics, instead of your car windows, are fogging inside their enclosures. This everyday event can lead to disastrous consequences for your electronics – including shortened […]

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Sad businesswoman working late at night in the office and freezing, she is wearing a coat and hat

Which is Better? Resistive Heaters vs. PTC Heaters

March 28, 2022

STEGO USA is based in Atlanta, Georgia, smack in the middle of the Southeastern U.S.  It’s March, and spring is right around the corner. Many employees have been using individual office heaters for the winter season to stay comfortable. Facilities managers have strict regulations on the types of heaters that may be used, as there […]

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Keep the Power On: Induced Condensation Can Take You Down

March 7, 2022

I talked with my children the other day about how quickly the world of information access is changing. They were fascinated to learn about how I went to college in the 1990s (in my head at least, it wasn’t that long ago!), and I had to (gasp!) walk all the way to the computer lab […]

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Explosion-Proof! Are Your Applications Explosion Prone?

February 16, 2022

At STEGO, we take pride in simplifying the design of complex electronics that perform perfectly outdoors. We often get asked how to make our applications “explosion-proof,” as our clients are looking to a) bracket the definition of explosion-proof and b) minimize the risk of using electronics in explosion-prone environments.  There are only three key ingredients […]

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LED or Fluorescent Lighting: Which is better for your enclosure?

February 4, 2022

Many factors come to mind when considering the best working conditions for humans. Key conditions include ergonomics, environmental conditions, and lighting. Studies show that a well-lit workspace can improve employee morale by 78%! Though they often go overlooked, enclosures and electrical cabinets are workspaces that benefit from good lighting in several ways. Just like your […]

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Illuminate the Work: The Importance of a High-Quality Light Source

January 18, 2022

Install. Maintain. Monitor.  Any person involved in industrial work environments is working with some version of these on a day-to-day basis. It might be an employee looking to install a new component into the electronics enclosure or a worker checking on the function of the electronics to make sure it is running efficiently. Monitoring is […]

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Thermal Management Magic: Where to Mount a Cabinet Thermostat Heater

January 3, 2022

Are you a wizard? If you watch pro football, you’re probably familiar with Tony Romo. He’s the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback who has seamlessly transitioned into broadcasting. Tony has an uncanny gift for predicting plays before the snap, so much so that people joke that he must be a wizard. Check out this clip […]

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Take the “Dry” Road – Prevent Condensation in your NEMA 4 Enclosure

December 15, 2021

When it comes to designing enclosures that contain electronics for maximum longevity, many factors must be considered, including geographic location, temperature, moisture exposure, and the risk of induced condensation. Some designers assume that their NEMA enclosure is waterproof, and so…why worry about all that? In a recent Stack Exchange web post (, the author asked […]

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Reliability…to Infinity and Beyond!

December 1, 2021

In the ever-increasing demand for power and data, mission-critical telecom and electric vehicle (EV) charging stations share one common need: absolute reliability. Both telecom and EV charger manufacturers want a solution that they can rely on to perform flawlessly. EV The rapid growth of EV’s such as Tesla, Lucid, VW, and Renault-Nissan is expanding the […]

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Old Man Winter is On His Way- Is Your Electrical Enclosure Ready?

November 16, 2021

As we get ready for all things Fall & Winter, it’s time to start thinking about things like football, Halloween decorations, and cooler temperatures. Not everyone likes these cooler seasons as much as I do (my wife, for example, would prefer only two seasons: Hot and Hotter), but whether you like it or not, Old […]

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