Reliability…to Infinity and Beyond!

In the ever-increasing demand for power and data, mission-critical telecom and electric vehicle (EV) charging stations share one common need: absolute reliability. Both telecom and EV charger manufacturers want a solution that they can rely on to perform flawlessly.


The rapid growth of EV’s such as Tesla, Lucid, VW, and Renault-Nissan is expanding the need for EV charging stations, and drivers expect “five 9’s” reliability when they pull up for a battery charge. In a recent Spring 2021 Financial Times article, the CEO of EV GO, Cathy Zoi, was quoted as saying, “… we have a sophisticated network of fast chargers across the country that we keep running at 98% uptime.  We are more than just a commodity supplier, operating chargers that are reliable….”

For EV Charging companies and for the EV owner, it’s simply unacceptable for a charging station to be out-of-order, especially as new EV drivers grapple with potential range anxiety.


As the insatiable need for data increases, particularly with the advent of 5G networks- and 6G right behind it, telecom operators need to know their towers work with…wait for it…five 9’s reliability (sounds familiar, right?).

This brings us to another commonality; the risk presented by environmental exposure. We’re not talking about force majeure here (i.e., a hurricane, a 100-year flood, or record high temperatures; those are one-offs) – we’re talking about relatively predictable temperature and moisture exposure. In a previous blog on this site and numerous technical articles, we’ve documented STEGO’s thermal management expertise in combating temperature and moisture. Today’s blog post will focus on the thermal side of the equation (with a nod or two to moisture and condensation).

The goal is to select a solution that will avoid temperature drops in your equipment, preventing the formation of condensation. STEGO offers a wide range of technologies, including PTC heaters, convection heaters, and panel heaters/enclosure heaters. Each offers a unique feature set designed to solve your enclosure heating needs. In addition, we have built-in solutions for varying enclosure profiles, different voltages, mounting technologies, and the ability to interface with sister assemblies such as thermostats.

If your current design philosophy doesn’t include comprehensive thermal management, you may have a ticking time bomb. Don’t risk your user’s satisfaction, your technician’s safety, or your company’s time trying to figure out that intermittent failure that keeps popping up on the network. It can be confusing, but here at STEGO, we’re here to help; just reach out to one of our experts.

Designing complex electronics that perform perfectly outdoors is, well, complex. At STEGO, we believe that protecting those complex projects from extreme climates should be the simplest part of your design. That’s why we use German engineering to create the highest quality thermal management components to protect your designs from anything Mother Nature throws at it. We’ve been pioneering Thermal Management for over 40 years now. With STEGO parts installed, you can rest easy that your complex design is reliably protected for the long haul.